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Store bearings in their original package in order to protect them against contamination and corrosion. Open package only at the assembly site immediately prior to mounting. Larger bearings with relatively thin-walled rings should not be stored upright but flat and supported over their whole circumference.

Prior to packing, FAG rolling bearings are dipped in anticorrisive oil. This oil does not gum and harden and is compatible with all commercial rolling bearing greases. In their original package rolling bearings
are safely protected against external influences. During storage, the bearings must not be exposed to the effects of
aggresive media such as gases, mists or aerosols of acids, alkaline solutions or salts. Direct sunlight should be avoided. The formation of condensation water is avoided under the following conditions:
– Temperatures + 6 to + 25 °C, for a short time 30 °C
– temperature difference day/night ² 8 K, relative air humidity ² 65 %.

With standard preservation, bearings can be stored up to 5 years if the said conditions are met. If the permissible storage period is exceeded, it is recommended to check the bearings for its preservation state and corrosion prior to use. On request, FAG will help to judge the risk of longer storage or use of older bearings.

Bearings with shields or seals on both sides should not be kept to their very limit of storage time. The lubricating greases contained in the bearings may change their chemico-physical behaviour due to
aging (see FAG catalogue WL 41 520).

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